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  • About Us

    The mission of RK Care Group is that all our clients receive customized services that meet their specific complex needs including chronic medical conditions, mental illness and environmental stressors.

    At RK Care Group, we work in an interdisciplinary and holistic fashion to ensure that our clients are provided with a wealth of information that allows them the choice to make informed decisions surrounding their care. We offer support, education and clinical expertise to all of our clients in the quest of overcoming challenges that require the help from a specialized and knowledgeable professional.

  • Quality Client Care and
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    At RK Care Group, we offer our clients a wide array of services that are of premium quality so that our clients are able to cope with their stressors in the most effective and comfortable manner. We work collaboratively with our clients so that our clients have the opportunity to be active participants in the improvement of their overall wellbeing.

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  • Our Services

  • Private Care Management

    RK Care Group guides and assists in the process of planning and coordinating care for our clients so that they are able to gain access to quality care that will help them meet their needs. Our private care management services include the coordination of healthcare and mental health services. The goal of this service is to facilitate the accessibility to quality living environments, nutritional services, assistance with activities of daily living, socialization programs, as well as financial and legal planning.

  • Child Link Advocacy

    At RK Care Group, we provide specialized and unique services that offer parents advocacy, guidance and support in navigating their child's educational needs. This service aims to facilitate the accessibility to quality educational services which includes but is not limited assistance in the development of the child's individualized educational plan. This service will also allow parents to seek professional guidance and advocacy related to their child's education.

  • Counseling

    At RK Care Group we offer counseling services that stay true to our emphasis on the provision of collaborative and holistic services for our clients. Through our counseling services we hope to improve our client's emotional and psychological wellbeing. RK Care Group mental health professionals offer individual, couple, and family counseling services. Our premium counseling services will also provide our clients with access to community resources to assist them in the achievement of optimal social and emotional wellbeing.

  • Family Intervention

    At RK Care Group, we offer family intervention services that focus on addressing challenges related to parenting and overall family functioning. Our mental health professionals will meet you and your family in your home environment to ensure your utmost comfort. This service allow you access to a professional who will assess your family dynamic in depth and will then collaborate with the members of the family to improve its overall functioning.

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